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Young, female and fabulous! Must have African titles for 2021

We get it, 2020 was rough and 2021 has started on an incredibly eventful note. But if the last year taught us anything, it’s how much we need to condition our minds to power through the storm we’re passing through. Yes, it’s probably easier to catch up with the cast of Bridgerton or get sucked into vaccine debates, or even find yourself in an obsessive trance watching American politics unfold - however, it is important to carve out a fraction of your time for edutainment. These new authors have brought us easy to consume survival manuals for this generation of fierce and fabulous African women, that will leave you refreshed, liberated and ready to conquer whatever this year chooses to throw into the mix.

Samke S. Mhlongo
This daring South African finance powerhouse has released a body of work that is bang on brand, and you will know this if you’ve experienced her cheeky and witty, yet intellectual nature on social media. Her debut offering titled “Ringfence” is realistic fiction with financial and legal themes.
According to the book’s mini synopsis, the thread that weaves the story together is the ability to rise after a great fall.
“Chic and naughty, entitled and oblivious, Lolo, Nala, Runako and Qhayiya aka the Belters, grow to realise that while flair is hard work, it doesn’t work hard enough.
Nala learns the hard way that a trust fund is finite, but death isn’t. Lolo discovers that everyone betrays everyone sometime in life. Runako realizes that the heavier the carats, the harder it is to run, and Qhayiya finds herself in a world where saints monsters and bystanders are the same people.
With sharp wit and the wisdom of hindsight, Ringfence reflects on four lives that touch the foot of heaven, fall to the depths of hell, and grow to become women whose hard – earned insights cut right to the heart of Africa’s elite”.
Available online at www.ringfenceonline.com

Mwamvita Makamba
A Pan African board room high flier, jetsetter and deal broker lets us into her most celebrated role yet – being a mother. In her book presentation titled “Things I Tell My Daughter”, Makamba shares insights and inspiration charged to raise up the girl child.
Things I Tell My Daughter, which has also been translated into Swahili, is composed of quotes which are motivational messages to the author’s daughter, beautiful inspiration for all young women to live by taken from her personal experiences and hopes for a girl child’s future.
In Makamba’s words, this is “A book for girls. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you dare to dream, the world is truly your center stage. You have the power to be anything you decide on this Earth. I hope this book gives you the inspiration to get up and do it.
Available at selected bookstores

Toyosi Etim- Effiong
We always feel like we know absolutely all there is to know about our favorite media personalities, possibly because they are always visible to us. This Nigerian media maven decided to write a memoir that would shatter every single assumption and preconception about her world in her stunning debut Now You Know Me Better.
A body of work that documents her life story from her childhood, including her ups and downs, wins and losses, is a testimony of overcoming. It is delivered in a casual, easy to read style that has had many readers rave about curling up on the couch with the book and cup of tea and soaking up all the juicy details.
According to Etim- Effiong, “they say experience is the best teacher, I say it doesn’t have to be your experience. I’m open to learning my greatest lessons from other people’s experiences. Now You Know Me Better is full of truth and intrinsic lessons that stay with you once you’ve read them and they pop up at the right time to steer and redirect your thoughts when they’re going adrift.” Authentic, genuine and revealing – just what the doctor prescribed!
Available on Amazon

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