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Farah: Lessons that Fortune Favours the Intentional

by Southern Africa Contributor

South African PR guru Farah Fortune was selected as an honoree for the UN Global Chairwomen Awards in New York City among 7 other African women this year, and her experience was beyond inspirational.

Farah started her PR firm African Star Communications as a one woman show from her home in Johannesburg just over 10 years ago. Fast forward to today, and the firm now boasts of a dynamic team that not only handle PR for high profile celebrity and corporate clients but also provide event management services. This single mother has earned her seat at the table through perseverance and determination.

Her trip kicked off with a private tour of the UN headquarters, followed by a panel discussion titled “Empowering Women’s Economic Stability Through Entrepreneurship”. This was followed by the protocol of receiving her impressive award.

Of course, a hardworking woman has to let her hair down and she did just that by stepping out for a basketball game at the world famous Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks play. Not only that, but we love how she went into full tourist mode visiting sites such as the world famous Central Park. Never one to leave any stones unturned, she also paid a visit to the Forbes office.

There are so many lessons to learn from her trip:

- learning how to travel solo as a female and see all the places that you have always been curious about
- trying things you have never done before like watching a basketball game in a foreign city
- simply soaking up the essence of a new place by admiring the view

Yes, I’m totally in love with the fact that Farah was being honoured for her many achievements- but what I loved most is the “grown woman” way in which she did it. There is something about a woman who has come into her own and is at peace with herself that can’t be ignored. Her trip wasn’t a struggle to prove that she’s living her best life, but an effortless moment of coming of age and a grace that exudes power and confidence. In an age where the 'gram' and Facebook updates have placed greater emphasis on the appearance of achieving over actual achievements, it’s so critical to be drawn towards people of substance. Who is on your feed? How do their posts make you feel? What is the immediate action you want to take after spending time on that person’s feed?

There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions, but women like Farah Fortune are a reminder that we will have to be accountable for those choices 10 years down the line. What will your accountability look like, and what are your choices bringing into existence?

As for Farah, I have no doubts that there are still so many more surprises from Africa's very own 'pitbull in heels'. There are so many lessons to learn from her, and many women like her who choose to leave the hype at home. Idenitfy them, and take notes. 10 years goes by a lot quicker than we would ever imagine.

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