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BRAVE Stories

Nigerian producer Uche Ikejimba – Holloway has created a series to give voices to women who are ready to share some of their deepest trauma with the world. The series “Brave Stories” is a candid confession of experiences that have haunted the lives of these young women. A series that truly lives up to its name, the recollection of these numbing experiences is the embodiment of bravery and a source of power and strength for anyone who watches it.

In Episode 1 Part 1, Yvonne Izulu, a yoga instructor was raped by a close friend she trusted.

 In Episode 1 Part 2, artist Ini Itama opens up about how she was abducted and raped by strangers.

 In Episode 1 Part 3, Funke Oguntuga a girl-child activist relives how she was sexually assaulted by her neighbor.  She also shares practical advice for anyone who has encountered a sexual assault.

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