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What I learned from growing up in a broken family

by Deniss Donpedro George

There is no single story for each person who grew up from a broken family. For everyone's experiences are different in many ways — parents divorced, physical abuse practices, or even deceased parents; they all share a similar pull from gravity that feels like an anchor weighing down their heart in plenty of ways.

Most of the time, this hollow feeling haunts them even in their older years. From my own experience, I can easily tell for a fact that pinpointing where things seemed to fall apart prior to the present is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. However, I'm quite sure that I felt it. And I felt it hard. However, there will be people that will come to your life and will make enduring attempts to get to know you. They will ask you about your background, where you grew up from, what your family's like. The ugly truth is I've learned to answer these interrogations smoothly without flinching or breaking a sweat.

Once people like me have learned to open ourselves up to close friends and loved ones, we learn to cherish even the most mundane moments that exude happiness and joy because for us these are perfect. We've been itching for this from the very beginning — someone's unconditional love, undividedness, and a sense that we finally belong. Then again, those memories, the mushy feelings, the unquenchable thirst will creep in you. There will be days when that anger will come back biting. There will be moments where realizations will hit you: Nothing in your world has ever been permanent. Things always fall apart. Something inside you will always be hollow, empty.

But every now and then, beautiful things will distract you from yourself. So if you're reading this and you're on the same boat as me — here's one tip: Don't let the small pretty details happening in your life pass away without you even noticing it. These are the moments that you need in order to grow again; take the process and own it as a chance for your rebirth.

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