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Balance For Better

Balance is such a powerful force - remember how our chemistry teachers used to go on and on about EQUILIBRIUM; the perfect state where elements can exist in peace. Water doesn't struggle to be liquid at certain temperatures, it just is. Ice is frozen at its euqilibrium of zero degrees. Do you know what it will take for you to be in the state you were created to be in?

As African women, our world is one of extremes as we consistently fight against what we have come to realise are huge walls set around us. This is a struggle we share with women across the world, and from all walks of life. We are consistently debating the meaning of 'balance' for us as career women, mothers, daughters in law, caregivers, wives - but in all of the debates and activism, is it possible that we are forgetting to do what is most important - to identify our perfect equilibrium and seek to exist in it. What do I mean? I mean we need to be more intentional about not grinning and bearing conditions that we weren't made for because we can never achieve our balance, or fulfill our purpose if we do. Just as water starts to boil and evaporate so that steam can exist in its perfect condition at one hundred degrees celsius, we also need to be certain that the hot fire we live through is with the aim of becoming steam. After all, water doesn't boil forever wihtout becoming something new.

Don't stop searching, asking questiions, sticking to your guns, and believing in your purpose because it is possible! And the sooner we allow ourselves to be stubborn about our balance, the better the entire world's equilibrium will be. In 2019, may you balance for better!

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