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YOUNOW Part 5: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

by Yetunde Bankole- Bernard

Each day they say births new opportunities, new beginnings, and new frontiers.
With the dawn of a new day comes the prospect of another chance to try, to build, to love and to live. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow waiting for you!
Tomorrow is supposed to bring hope.
Even though we know these things, our thought processes are inadvertently revealed through actions.
We naturally think first of what is and could go wrong than what is and could go right.
How do you explain 5 pedestrians struggling to enter an empty bus that can sit over 20 people just because that’s the only bus available at the time?  
Or someone who feels compelled to cheat and amass wealth unjustly just because he/she has access to the treasury today?
How about a young lady unwilling to give love another chance because she’s been hurt too many times and consequently, ‘all men are scum’’?
Let’s face it- Most of us are afraid of tomorrow because we doubt that it holds the power of change like we say it does.
However, we can never have a better tomorrow if we constantly dwell on the mistakes, fears, failures and even the glory of yesterday.
Today, we must sow the seeds that will improve the quality of our tomorrow.
We cannot afford to sow seeds of injustice, fear, doubt, hate, or any other vice for that matter
What are the thoughts that come to your mind when you wake up in the morning?
Fill your mind with thoughts of good.
Thoughts of hope will bring peace and even though we go about our daily duties, hectic as they sometimes may be, we are intentionally not driven by desperation and toil, which manifests itself as stress.
Many things that mattered yesterday are almost irrelevant today, and might become non-existent tomorrow.
Sufficient for today is its own trouble.

What will tomorrow bring?
May you see Hope.
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Permit your freedom. Live in the moment.  Live You; Now!
Yetunde Bankole-Bernard is ‘The identity Coach™”
Certified as an Image Consultant, Human connection and Personality type practitioner and Work place psychologist.


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