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by Beauty Contributor (West Africa)

Image: Racked

Seeing the words ‘brightening’, ‘illuminating’ and ‘lightening’ has become a complete norm, and the truth is very few people truly understand the difference between these terms and the effects that these products have on the skin. This is moreso because so many people who have lightened their skin tones usually insist that they used brightening products to do so (the terms bleaching and whitening are also used interchangeably with lightening).
The true difference is that lightening is the reduction of melanin pigmentation, while brightening, similar to illuminating, is the restoration of vibrancy and radiance (better known as glow). Lightening is a generally harsh procedure that can lead to fatal side effects if done for a prolonged period, whereas brightening is what could be termed ‘an intense exfoliation’.  It’s just so much jargon, so confusing and very easy to pick up the wrong thing off the shelf (we can’t all afford dermatologist’s recommendations). This is why the rise of organic skincare routines and the ladies championing them is a breath of fresh air! Natural, home made cocktails may just be an alternative, and these ladies are champions of this cause.

Mo Cheddah Glow
Musician and bonafide fashion and beauty aficionado Mo Cheddah is a welcome addition to the world of ‘safe skin care’. She launched an Instagram page dedicated to beauty this week - @mocheddahglow and the content in a very short period has been just what the dermatologist ordered! The focus is on the information most women need direct access to (eg what skincare routine should you be following for your age), and she also recommends some awesome and affordable skincare additions like rice water to achieve the glowing results everyone yearns for.

Sika Osei
TV Host Sika is a melanin queen, and her YouTube page ‘Ebony Living with Sika’ is a gold mine. Darker skinned ladies are always a little skeptical of product recommendations from women of other complexions, and this Ghanaian star is an ideal solution. Not only is her personality contagious, her constant glow is undoubtedly a testament to the fact that there are ways for dark skinned ladies to look after their skin without stripping any beloved melanin. Hello Tomato Facial!

Its time to be more mindful about what we're putting on our skin!

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