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'YOUNOW' Part 2: Express Yourself! ... Its time

by Yetunde Bankole-Bernard

Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”
-       Allen Ginsberg
Sometimes we have the words, the thoughts, the feelings but we don’t know how to express them.
Stuck in our own little world, “strangling” ourselves; unable to show how we really feel.
Some feelings are hard to put into words; thoughts difficult to speak out loud. So what do we do with them?
We hide them; bury them beneath piles of other thoughts and feelings previously hidden.
Self-expression is a reflection of how honest you are not just to yourself but also to those around you.
Society has imposed these “rules” on us; “don’t say this”, “don’t do this”, “be this”.
We begin to suppress our true identity to conform into what we think ‘they’ will accept.
We forget who we are, what we value and despise and become agreeable to standards originally alien to us.
Everyone seeks acceptance and validation from the next person.  We do not want to be the “ugly duckling; the odd one out.
But what if different is good?
What if being unique and expressing our thoughts and ideals will liberate others?
What if being true to self will make our lives so much easier?
What if! what if! what if!
So many questions will never be answered if we don’t at least put our insecurities on the back burner and just live! 
Unexpressed emotions and ideas will never die. They are buried alive and will come to the fore later in uglier ways.
Bitterness does not just happen upon us. It wells up inside fueled by many moments of unused energies, unsaid words, contained opinions, … And eventually, broken dreams.
Today, Find freedom for the full expression of your personality.
Build confidence in your creative spirit.
Shed your borrowed skin so that others can benefit from your giftings, talents and skills.
Express yourself! … It’s time.

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Permit your freedom. Live in the moment.  Live You; Now!

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