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Steam Secrets

Popping into the steam room is something most people have done at one point or another. Usually part of a broader treatment, beauty therapists will usually ask you to pop in there for a few minutes prior to your treatment. Many people don’t really know what its for, but it always adds to the ambiance and relaxation of a spa day. Here’s the down low on why the steam room should be a regular part of your routine, even without a spa treatment. The steam room is your ultimate secret weapon for a quick glow up before a big day!

Bloating is usually caused by water retention. If you’ve recently had a salt binge, or live in a very hot environment the body sometimes responds to this by storing up water. This water often appears as weight. Sitting in the steam room for as little as one 20 minute session helps the body to sweat out this water weight (with very quick results). This is amazing the day before a big event!
The heat and moisture is a dream for your skin! Not only is the body releasing toxins through sweat, but improved circulation gives the skin a healthy glow.
Sitting in a steam room with the right essential oils is an incredible way to chill and get your mind off things! The heat causes the body to release endorphins which are known as “happy hormones” (the same hormones that get released when you exercise). Try placing a tiny bowl of eucalyptus oil for a refreshing and energizing session.
Drink plenty of water after your session, and try not to exceed 20 minutes per session. Apply essential oils (shea, coconut, jojoba, almond) to the skin before going in if you really want them to get absorbed into the pores for that extra glow and deep moisture.

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