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'YouNow' Part 1: Getting Over Being Overwhelmed

by Yetunde Bankole- Bernard

(Image: Getty Images)

We all get unsure sometimes but long periods of uncertainty can be sooooo frustrating!
Everything becomes hazy and we begin to feel distracted, confused and disorganized.  
Then our eyes lose their sparkle, and when we look in the mirror, all we see is grim; and soon, negativity. 
Tough to accept but true.
We complain about everything. Criticizing everything, ourselves inclusive.
We begin to pinpoint our flaws and unconsciously project them and slowly, activate the ability of others to see what we see too.
Yet somewhere deep down in our hearts, we know that we are made perfect, but we often feel the need to be reminded.
To be told daily that we are beautiful; that we matter, and if anyone does not dance to this tune, we withdraw and struggle to hide our fear of being rejected behind a mask of nonchalance, ‘I don’t care’ she seems to say, yet her insides hurt from being abandoned to her fears.
An arched brow for an ache we feel when someone says ‘ oh, you gained some weight!’ 
Red lips perhaps to hide the words you wished he didn’t always say to you. 
Our vulnerabilities can be so overwhelming that they cause us to hide beneath layers.
Of fancy clothes; of whims and caprices.
Going under layers and layers to hide our fears, doubts and anxieties about Self, about Love, about Life.
There will always be times when it seems like the demons have all come out to play and there is a building fog enveloping everything around you.
In these moments, intentionally force your mind to be at rest.  For confusion does serve a higher purpose.
It calls us within. Teaching us to allow our heart, mind, body and soul to make room for that which we need. (Most of what we already have access to but are too consumed to notice)
Do not be afraid of confusion.
Embrace it. Process it. Search it out.
In searching, we gain understanding. With understanding, we receive knowledge
It’s time to step into the light.
Welcome to Newness….
Hello 2019! 

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