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Quick Fix for Your Feet

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh posted her cracked heels on her Instagram page the other day, and it was so relatable! While the advice in the comment section ranged from scrubbing with a metal exfoliator to using a traditional pumice stone - here is a tried and tested solution.

Its Harmattan (dry season) in West Africa, and summer and rainy season in most of Southern and East Africa – and while we are quick to make sure that our hair and skin is in tact, a couple of pedis a month might just not be enough for your feet to stay soft. Cracked heels and rough foot soles happen to the best of us and can be extremely embarrassing, but the solution is too cheap and cheerful to ignore.
Petroleum Jelly and Socks

Yes. Its that simple. Give your feet a gentle exfoliaton with a soapy water and a pumice stone. Dry them off, and apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly then slip on a pair of thick socks.
Go straight to bed, and wake up with baby soft feet. Yup, its literally that simple. You can substitute petroleum jelly for coconut oil for a more ‘luxe’ experience, but the results are very similar.
Vegetable Oil

Yes, we’re borrowing from the kitchen. This method is more effective for some people because unlike petroleum jelly, the oil penetrates into the skin overnight. It is best to apply vegetable oil to a warm, wet towel. Massage your feet with the towel, and slip on your socks immediately. Off to bed you go, and wake up with softer, moisturized feet.

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