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Ange Kagame - An Advocate for Healing

Ange Kagame, the daughter to Rwandan president Paul Kagame, has successfully carved a unique and impactful voice in her own right as a budding philanthropist. One of her primary visions is to see Rwanda and Africa become “self reliant and stable”, and there is no doubt she is not resting on her father’s power nor his position to do what she believes can be done. She is diligently building a name and a voice for herself by using the influence she was born into, and speaking her truth. That’s an important lesson we can all take from – being bold in speaking our truth.
Her words “Never touch anything with half of your heart” resonate with her journey as it evolves (she is only in her early 20s). In an era where we seem to all be touched by trauma in one way or another, her initiative ‘Forgive For Peace” spreads an important message – whether or not you are from Rwanda.

In another vein, whether we acknowledge it or not, privilege guilt is a reality; this is the phenomenon where people in positions of privilege would rather shy away from fighting against injustice because they acknowledge that they are in a better position than most, and so feel bad for it. Ange has instead figured out that her privilege can actually be a source of good, and she is using it in the way she feels she has been called to. In the words of Bell Hooks:
“Privilege is not in and of itself bad; what matters is what we do with privilege"
There are so many lessons to learn from Ange!

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