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Kicking off 2019 with the 'Identity Coach'

On paper Yetunde Bankole-Bernard is the Chief Coaching Officer at The Yetunde Bernard Company, a Personal Brand development agency set up specifically to work with individuals and business owners to harness and project their distinct message for maximum influence and impact globally. She is also the Group Executive Director Corporate Communications at Finchglow Group, an organization with 6 subsidiaries in the Aviation, Travel & tours Industry. However in person and in heart she is a patient, wise, perceptive and chic lady - the kind of woman you look at and ask how they are able to have it so together and still have time for everyone else? Even Michelle Obama famously said:

"That whole 'so you can have it all?' Nope, not at the same time. That's a lie..."

And that's why the fact that a woman like Yetunde is thriving is so much more exciting, she has perfected the art of getting out of her own way. What more would you expect from the Visionaire of Recall for Men; a resource center for men in Africa with approximately 2000 members in its community. She is also the Purpose/Creativity mentor and Progenitor of RECALL: an identity coaching solution focused on teaching, training and coaching on Self Awareness, Self Esteem and Confidence as well as building Inner capacity and Human connection.
She will be dropping some gems for the New Year through her editorial series 'YouNow', which is created for the everyday individual who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of Self in order to achieve their highest potential, while staying true to their essence. These write-ups are designed to help you become more conscious and deliberate in your interactions and day-to-day living - translation: here is a weekly insight that will teach you how to get out of your own way and live your best life. Yasssssss!!!

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